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  • Tools To Help Clarify What You Feel, Think, Believe And Perceive
  • Steps To Create Action Plans To Build Upon Your New Way Of Life

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"We have known Austin since childhood and we think the world of him. We knew this book was in process and we are thrilled that it is available for all to benefit from their work. A must read for individuals of all ages. I am especially interested as I set on the new path as a senior and retiree. I am certain that I need a format to follow in this phase of my life, this personal milestone transition. The timing is right for me. This book is exactly what I needed to read. Thank you Amber and Austin."

- Mary B., Charlotte, NC

"Opportunities for Expansion is a wonderful piece of art and a true gift to the reader. I quickly discovered the time, care and thought that went into each carefully chosen word throughout the book. Each week, and days within that week, offer fresh perspectives to the reader across all aspects of our lives. Someone once commented to me that "you always get more of what you focus on." This book is focused on us living an authentic life filled with joy, peace and clarity. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to elevate the experience of their life. Bravo!"

- Tim B., Denver, Co

"Absolutely blew my mind. This is a huuuge step towards healing the consciousness of our planet. The fact that you took these thoughts and transformed it into a book reflects your ability to transmute energy. It's beyond inspiring in my eyes, and all of the people that will resonate with it. You started an avalanche that won't be stopped, and once it gets into the hands of the right individuals, we'll take it on as our own and help spread the light to those who are seeking it."

- Mike M., Thunder Bay, On, Canada

"Opportunities For Expansion has helped me understand myself better by showing me we can choose how we react. I found it this book to be a great when I evaluate situations, both positive and negative. It has helped me slow down and see if the downward/negative path and find a more straight forward and positive path. In my younger years this book would've allowed me to change negative tendencies and when I was feeling negative towards others (and myself) stop and look more clearly at the situation. Opportunities For Expansion will help open your eyes and look inward to see what's really going on, so we don't respond in a way that hurts us or creates bad patterns for years to come."

- Chris D., Scottsdale, Az