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Amber & Austin

 amikesellCertified Master Life Coach, Health Coach & Author

Amber is an internationally recognized Life Coach, Health Coach and Author. She is honored to have trained in Vedic Yoga and Philosophy at Arhanta Yoga Ashram in Khajuraho, India.

Certifications and Experience Include:

- Master Life Coach

- Health Coach

- Holistic Nutrition Counselor

- Meditation Practitioner

- Reiki Master Teacher

- Master Healer

- Master Level Sound Healer

- Universal Healer

- Internationally Certified Yoga Instructor

- Internationally Certified Barre Instructor

- Ayurveda Health & Wellness Training

- Expert Level CPR & First Aid Certifications

Her education includes in depth research in world religion, cultural studies and social science. She holds her BA in Communication (Interpersonal and Organizational) from Otterbein University.

To learn more about Amber’s most recent book with co-author and business partner, Austin Uhl, visit their book’s page – Opportunities For Expansion

Amber is also available online at AmberMikesell.com and on Facebook 

Austin Uhl - Graduated from the University of Denver where he received a D1 Golf Scholarship and achieved a BSBA in both Marketing and in Management, finishing in less than 4 years. When a debilitating back injury redirected his path of playing on the PGA Tour, Austin decided to make the most of the situation. He became a highly successful entrepreneur, starting companies in many different industries ranging from product development, marketing/branding, fashion, real estate and more.

But, in 2014, Austin made yet another major life shift. He discovered yoga and meditation. These two discoveries opened Austin to possibilities that, blended with his other life experiences, accessed entirely new realms for and within him.

Austin feels that all of these experiences have led him to be exactly where he is now - in a space to be in service of others.

Austin is an internationally recognized life coach, golf coach and author, providing services all over the world. His extensive background in golf, blended with his awareness of meditation and yoga, make him one of the newly sought after life and golf coaches in his field.

Austin’s Certifications include Life Coach and Meditation Practitioner. His extensive training in golf, blended with these two certifications, create a one-of-a-kind program that centers and stills the mind, body and soul, allowing the player to be at one with golf and with life.

To learn more about Austin's most recent book with co-author and business partner, Amber Mikesell, visit their book's page: Opportunities For Expansion 

Austin is also on Facebook

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