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Communication: Listening

“Are you listening to what I’m saying?” Have you ever been asked or have you ever said, “Are you listening to what I’m saying?” What are we communicating when we ask this question? You may feel that listening and hearing are different, but in essence, they are both auditory responses. We hear a sound and […]

Engage Your Senses – Feel The World

Do you remember when you were a child and everything around you felt so alive? The world was filled with so many colors, textures, sounds and you were out to explore every one of them. Does it still feel this way? As infants and toddlers, we engage our senses constantly. When you observe a child […]

Meditation: Breathing Exercises

Why Is Breathing So Important? Yes, breathing is absolutely important because it keeps you alive. However, breathing is much, much more than that. It is truly fascinating that our subconscious completely controls our breathing. Think about it…could you imagine what life would be like if we had to constantly monitor breathing in and breathing out? […]

The Art & Science of Brainwaves

      The human brain is made up of billions of neurons. At any given moment, millions of these neurons are sending electronic signals simultaneously to communicate with one another, producing electrical activity in the brain called brainwaves. In normal states, people are in the Beta brainwave cycle. But we, as humans, have the […]