Vedic Yoga
Group Class

What Is Vedic Yoga?

Vedic Yoga is the oldest form of traditional yoga, previously passed down from spiritual master to spiritual master. This practice is an ancient form of reaching beyond the internal/human consciousness (Atman) to access ultimate/divine consciousness (Brahman) ultimately integrating them to achieve liberation from the illusion of this world (Moksha).

According to Yogi Baba Prem – “Vedic yoga provides a practical approach to the previously inaccessible world of mysticism…it would be difficult to find any area of one’s life that would not be touched or affected by ones practice of Vedic yoga.”


What Is Amber's Guiding Style?

I focus on the personal journey of yoga, guiding the flow of energy through movement. Using traditional Vedic practices, we flow together through:

1.  Mantra

2.  Breath Exercises (Pranayama)

3.  Meditation (Dhyana)

4.  Visualization

5.  Hand Postures (Mudra)

6.  Postures (Asana)

7.  Integration (Shavasana)

A very deep meditative experience, uniting the physical body with the energy body. This unique practice is the perfect way to begin yoga or deepen your practice.

All postures are possible for all levels – beginner to advanced.


How Long Is Each Class?

Each class is a one hour session focused on a specific theme.


Where & When Are Group Classes Held?

Group classes are currently held every Sunday at 10 am at Radiant Soul Center, 4700 S McClintock Dr Suite 190, Tempe, AZ


How Much Does It Cost?

Classes are $10 at the door.


Do I Need To Register?

Registration to secure your space is encouraged, but not required. To register simply send Amber an email at

Our Policy:

Nobody will be turned away from a meditation due to finances. If you would like to attend our sessions, alternative forms of energy exchange may be discussed.

Contact us at for more details.


InVision is a weekend retreat designed to immerse participants in meditation, yoga and self-discovery.

is to create a deeper connection to one’s true self through unique and balanced perspectives. This is done through daily workshops and hands-on practices that include:

  • yoga workshop/class
  • meditation workshop/class
  • self-love workshop
  • understanding the role of nutrition
  • and more

Why is it “invision” and not “envision”? The quickest and most effective way to understand who we are as individuals is by going within. When we can fully connect with ourselves at our core, everything that we do becomes a byproduct of our completeness. From this connection, we can begin to in-vision the future we truly desire and build toward it in the current moment. In truth, we cannot give 100% of ourselves until we are 100% ourselves.


Next dates to be announced.

Space is limited to seven attendees per retreat and does fill quickly.


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